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About Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company (OCT Group)

Overseas Chinese Town Holdings Company (OCT Group) ,a large central enterprise directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council, was established in 1985 in Shenzhen, the frontier of reform and opening up. It is the one of the first batch of national cultural industry demonstration bases, one of the top 30 national cultural enterprises and the top 20 China Tourism Group, and has been awarded A-level evaluation in the annual performance appraisal of SASAC of the State Council for 11 consecutive years.


At present, the Group operates and manages nearly 80 scenic spots in nearly 100 cities in China, ranking third among the theme park groups in the world and first in Asia. In 2020, the Group's operating revenue and total profit achieved steady growth, exceeding the task targets set by the SASAC of the State Council. The total assets of OCT Group increased to 698 billion yuan at the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan" in 2020.


Over the years, based on the brand positioning of "Quality Life Creator", OCT Group has cultivated many leading brands, including Konka, Happy Valley Chain Theme Park, Splendid China·Chinese Folk Culture Village, Window of the World, OCT East, OCT Harbour, The intercontinental Shenzhen, the Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen, OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park, etc. The scale and quality of cultural tourism industry are constantly improving. In 2018, OCT Group was awarded a series of honors such as "the No.1 of TOP50 annual brand influence of investment operators of town with Chinese characteristics" and "one of the Top 40 brands of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up", and was praised as "the aircraft carrier of China's cultural tourism industry"; In 2019 and 2020, OCT Group ranked first in the TOP50 comprehensive strength of operators of town with Chinese characteristics and the TOP10 operators of Chinese cultural and tourism town for two consecutive years, leading the development of the industry.


With the new era coming, in line with the national new urbanization strategy and under the guidance of the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing", OCT Group proposes the innovative development mode of "Culture + Tourism + Urbanization" and "Tourism + Internet + Finance", and supports Konka to actively promote the implementation of the strategy of "Technology + Industry + Urbanization". Centering on the strategic positioning of "Pacemaker of China's cultural industry, Leader of China's new urbanization, and Demonstrator of China's all-for-one tourism", through the "culturalization" of industry and "industrialization" of culture, based on the current main business, it has formed five development directions of culture industry, tourism industry, new urbanization, electronics industry and related business investment, explored the " Culture + " mode and made all-round innovation on strategy, system, technology, product, business mode and other dimensions. By those efforts, OCT Group has formed a characteristic development road and achieved leapfrog development.  

Leader of <br>Professional Research

Leader of
Professional Research

Promoter<br>of Innovative Product

of Innovative Product

Integrator<br>of Platform resources

of Platform resources

OCT innovation & Research Institute
With the systematical value of “think bravely, work practically”, the OCT innovation & Research Institute has been taking the supportive mission as the “innovation center” and the “think-tank” for the OCT group in terms of strategical deployment and innovative development.


Founded in February 2018, OCT innovation & Research Institute is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCT Group, aiming to achieve the group’s strategic goal of becoming a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness,has been undertaking the missions of innovative research, Comprehensive Planning, product management, innovation incubation, and OCT alliance management


As the professional research and execution agency of developing innovative products and researches for OCT Group, we have been undertaken a series of researches with the topics of new urbanization, theme park + new scene, wellness tourism, new commerce, culture + brand, tourism big data, providing a new perspective for the "culture + tourism + urbanization" development mode of OCT Group. Moreover, through the co-building innovation center in Yunnan and East China, we have practiced the cooperation mechanism of OCT Group and boost the landing of innovative products.


Our Customer:

Focusing on the fresh-blood internal the group, our business enables the group, the regional companies, the key projects by enhancement of group standardization deployment and innovational upgradation, which are making OCT globally competitive.


Our Product:

By means of product standardization, we impel the construction of research and innovation system for the core cultural-tourism business within OCT group, which characterized the OCT products.


Our Resource:

Relying majorly on our internal talents, with the collaborations of high-quality external resources in the ecosystem, we have been building up an alliance that deeply integrated the world's top think tanks and talents from whole cultural tourism industry chain with OCT Group.

  • Product Management

    Under the guidance of Product Innovation Committee Office and Product Standardization Committee Office of the Group, we develop productive and technological innovation systems on culture, tourism and urbanization, formulate product development strategies, build products operation platforms, manage product categories, frame the product standardization systems, review the results of product innovation, technological innovation and research programs, and follow up the promotion and application of new products, new technologies and product standardization achievements, with the purpose of building up the Group's product innovation management system, and forming a closed-loop management system from project approval, project implementation, achievement acceptance to achievement application.

    Product Management Product Management
  • Comprehensive Planning

    As the ‘OCT think tank’ and ‘the planner’, we actively support the Group expanding projects about new urbanization development, and completed a number of key projects with the whole chain service and supports including planning, developing, and designing, such as Yunnan All-for-one Tourism, Hefei OCT International Town, and a batch of projects on cultural tourism and new urbanization in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In order to enhance OCT group’s market competitiveness, we also provide strong technical support for government-enterprise cooperation and land resources acquisition.

    Comprehensive Planning Comprehensive Planning
  • Innovation Incubation

    With the mission of “innovation-driven transformation and development” and the spirit of high-efficiency, openness, and co-platformization, we promote innovation cooperation (strategic direct investment), innovation funds (private equity investment), and Sparkland (innovation community platforms) to integrate cultural tourism innovation resources and improve the Group’s core product strength and soft power.

    Innovation Incubation Innovation Incubation
  • The OCT Alliance Operation

    The OCT alliance is a cross-industry platform integrates international and China’s top academics and high-end talents, we help introduce intellectual resources into OCT projects through multi ways of members’ selection and promotion, running international consulting, expert seminars, summit forums, and managing product innovation systems, etc . We promote academic and business exchanges between the Group and the industry through a series of branded events such as OCTA Conferences, OCTA Colleges, OCTA Talk, OCTA Salons, and OCTA Exhibitions, with the long-term goal to build a co-creation ecosystem for the innovation and development of OCT Group.

    The OCT Alliance Operation The OCT Alliance Operation